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  • is the website of the small independent press in Vermont that published my two chapbooks of poetry: World Without Edge, and The Power of Wind. E-mail is
  • is the website of my cousin Mary Ellen's husband, and features his fine New England photography.
  • Another interesting photography site by my long-time friend Anthony Reczek is
  • My nephew's sites are and featuring his silk screen work and a fashion line respectively.
  • Mark Awodey, a talented Vermont poet and painter has a site worth visiting: featuring many of his fine paintings.
  • Thomas Kuhner,, is a goldsmith making fine handwrought jewelry in Sandbornton, N.H.
  • Stop by and visit the website of Vermont cab driver and essayist extraordinaire, Jernigan Pontiac, He includes a sample of his insightful writing about being a cabbie, along with humor and philosophy, on the meter or by pre set price per distance. If Mark Twain lived in the city today, forget paddle wheeled steamers, he'd work for Yellow Checker and write stories like this.
  • Jim Kelso's ( work defies description really. He is a highly skilled fine artist and an innovative craftsman, at the same time his work with traditional Japanese forms of carving have earned him respect both here and in Japan -- unusual for a westerner.
  • is a new site for my friend Delia Robinson of Montpelier, Vermont. She is a painter, a collage artist, a book illustrator, and a novelist who will take you into alternative realities, in which all four of these disciplines merge and overlap in arcane and unexpected ways. When you knock and enter, you see yourself in the magic mirror. Don't press the button that says delete.

Other websites I've recently enjoyed visiting are as follows:

  •, a site showing the paintings of Nicholas Roerich,
  •, a mega-site dealing with alchemy in all of its phases, as well as
  •, showing the work of the tiny child prodigy, Marla Olmstead. The last time I checked she was still only four years old and doing abstract paintings worth looking at.