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Dear Fellow Web Travelers,

This is the second version of my website, this one containing about double the number of paintings and a new home page. I hope you like it, and I look forward to improving it even more in the future. I'd also be happy to take any suggestions you might have about how to make it better.

Since starting it, I've had numerous exhibits in Vermont, though mainly I've been working on a series of Young Adult novels, which I am slowly revising. At the same time I am in the midst of building a small cabin with a great view of the mountains, where I hope to live somewhat gracefully. When my house is finished, I'll try to include a photo of it, perhaps on this page.

I've chosen to move my text introduction off the home page to give my paintings a chance speak. Therefore, I'm using the Contact page to include anything I might want to say in explanation. I continue to use painting as a means of contacting something I perceive in Nature that I can't reach with words. For me, it exists in art, somewhere between Kandinsky and Turner, the hard and the soft, both of them abstract and organic in their own way.

Each painting featured in this website is an experiment, and each one an approximation, all of them being part of an ongoing process. As such they are imperfect as finished artifacts, because their reality is in motion. I don't know where they are taking me eventually, but I offer them here, and they become part of the greater dynamic, even as they sink like stones in a pond, disappearing from sight beneath the surface.



Michael David Jewell
1857 Worcester Rd.
Worcester, VT 05682






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